Services for Individuals

Medical debt, credit cards, taxes, mortgage arrears... if you are facing financial issues, our expertise can help you get back on your feet.

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Services for Businesses

Even the greatest businesses sometimes face hard times.  Whether it's restructuring or liquidation, let our attorneys give you the tools and the time you need to do what is right for your business

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Services for Creditors

Are you a lender with questions?  We can help with Account preservation, claim actions, and creditor-committee representation.

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When you need more than just 'work'

It's no secret that California has lawyers.  And it's not secret that any of them can 'do work' for you.  But if you're an individual facing financial strain, or a business facing shutting down, you need more than somebody who can just do work.  You need somebody that can help.

Since 2012, our firm has dedicated itself to the practice of one thing: Helping clients through bankruptcy.  Whether you are an individual seeking relief from oppressive debt, a business owner struggling to push your company to the next level, or a creditor seeking guidance through a debtor's insolvency case, our attorneys have the skill and resources to help you accomplish whatever your bankruptcy goals may be.  Because when its the financial future of your family or your business, it's not enough to hire somebody who can just do the work.  Anybody can make it work...

We promise to make sure it helps.





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