Claim Actions

Proofs of Claim, Stay Actions, plan objections, and more.  Preserve your right to get paid in your borrower's bankruptcy case

Adversarial Litigation

Objections to discharge and actions to recover money/property.

Creditor Committees

Claim and account preservation for unsecured creditors in Chapter 11 cases.

Bottom-line-conscious representation

Email, phone calls, and the infamous ".25 minute increment," it's no secret that attorneys can bill.  But when your account holder is seeking to wipe you out, you don't need the lawyer who can do the most work; you need the lawyer who can do the most help.  At ERM Law Group, we're not interesting in squeezing every penny we can out of you.  We are interested in solving your problem.  If you have a million-dollar problem, we will find the hundred-dollar solution.

Expertise... Focused

Whether your matter is a simple claim filing, or a complex litigation, let it be handled by lawyers whose sole focus is bankruptcy law and litigation.  Bankruptcy has unique, complex and, at times, daunting laws and procedures.  You want to know that your case is being handled by somebody who knows all aspects of the practice.  At ERM Law Group, bankruptcy is not merely something we do.  It's who we are.

Next Steps...

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