Chapter 7

This is the most-frequently-sought filing for individuals.  When somebody says they're filing bankruptcy, this is usually what it means.

Chapter 13

Also called a "wage earner's" bankruptcy, this is for individuals who either have too much income to qualify for a Chapter 7, or have special circumstances which cannot be taken care of in a 7

Chapter 11

This is the least-likely to be filed case for an individual, and is generally for people with large amounts of assets, or financial troubles which require more than the 5-year repayment plan of a 13

Freedom from oppressive debt

Bankruptcy provides much-needed relief from many types of debt, including not only credit cards, but medical bills, certain taxes, pay-day loans, lawsuits, judgments, and overly-aggressive collection agencies.  If you feel you are drowning in unmanageable debt, we can help.

Mortgage arrears and lien-avoidance

Sometimes, even the most diligent of people run into troubles.  if you are a homeowner facing a foreclosure, or need some assistance getting back on track with your mortgage payments, our attorneys can help.

In fact, not only can our attorneys help you find ways to cure the issues with your home, but we can also assist you with potentially removing many types of liens from your property, including junior liens and judgement liens.


Let our attorneys see if they can help